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Thought Drop

7 March 1986
I'm 23 years old and recently married to my best friend, who just so happens to be in the Navy. I can't wait to finally get to live with him when I move to San Diego!
I'm laid back and I always love to learn and and try new things. I have a B.S. in Microbiology and a huge DNA double helix tattoo on my side. I love science but I don't think that doing research is for me, so I have absolutely no idea what to do for a career now. I love making wine almost as I love drinking it and hope that someday Danny and I can own a winery.
I'm outdoorsy and I love to hike, backpack, snowboard, play softball, and rock climb. I want to learn to kayak, sail, and scuba dive.
I have pretty eclectic taste in music, though most of what I listen to falls under the indie rock category.
Some of my other favorite things: sleeping late, dancing like an idiot (maybe someday I'll learn how to do it correctly), crocheting, reading books that make me cry, gardening, pretending I can cook, getting dressed up (fancy or costume), sewing, and crafting.